Call for COVID-19 Emergency Custom Software Requests

offering free tech solutions to frontline responders

join::table is teaming up with Claris International in taking requests for COVID-19 emergency custom software applications. We would like to learn how our community can lend its expertise to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please submit your custom app requests here.

These apps will be created free of charge and built by technical expert volunteers.

The custom apps most likely to be selected will:

  • Be in the healthcare, education, government and/or non-profit industry
  • Have an immediate high impact on health, comfort of the infected, and/or education continuity
  • Have an impact on reducing short-term and cumulative infections
  • Can be created and deployed in a compact timeline
  • Can be leveraged by similar providers worldwide

If you are a custom app developer and would like to volunteer to be part of a team building COVID-19 custom apps, please sign up here.

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