join::table Wins Claris International’s 2020 Engage Conference Community Excellence / Community Leadership for Development Award

Claris FileMaker Excellence Award 2020

Today, join::table was surprised and honored to receive Claris International’s 2020 Engage Conference Community Excellence / Community Leadership for Development Award. We couldn’t be more proud to share this distinction with the 200+ volunteers who have committed thousands of pro bono custom app development hours over the past one and a half years and are especially humbled by the outpouring of support from every corner of the globe from the Claris developer/partner community since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

We would like to thank our trusted panel of advisors including Molly Thorsen Connelly, Bobbi Leonard and Bill Bennett for their counsel, guidance and support as we helped get our message out. We couldn’t have done it without them! We would also like to thank Julie Sigfrinius and Marie Normand of Claris International and the other members of the Claris Covid Response Team (CCRT) including Jordan Watson (of Solis Digital) and Mark Richman (of Skeleton Key) who partnered with us to rapidly build and deploy apps for front-line first-responders battling the pandemic around the world.

Thanks to all of our amazing and generous volunteers.

Together, we executed the join::table mission:

  • To assist FileMaker developers in doing pro bono work for non-profit organizations and public schools (through inspiration, guidance and support)
  • To act as a “match-maker” between interested FileMaker developers and needful non-profits and schools.

Non-profits can apply to be considered for a pro bono project and pre-screened FileMaker developers can sign up to volunteer to be matched with a non-profit in need.

A few fast facts about join::table:

  • Prior to the formation of the Claris Covid Response Team (CCRT) in March, 2020, join::table had 31 volunteers (offering up to 484 pro bono hours/month)
  • The day after Claris’ blog post announcement on 3/24/2020, total volunteers more than doubled to 69 (offering up to 1,446 pro bono hours/month)
  • The first week after the announcement our volunteer count almost tripled to 173 (offering up to 4,563 pro bono hours/month)
  • To date, we have 227 volunteers with up to a pledged 6,240 hours/month and growing every day!
  • join::table volunteers have come in from 32 countries
  • There are 65 Claris Partner volunteers and 24 Claris Platinum Partner volunteers
  • So far, we’ve evaluated 22 potential join::table non-profit projects. Of those, 14 are in progress or complete
  • join::table non-profit projects are being built for organizations in the USA, South Africa, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Myanmar
  • join::table has 19 apps (in various stages of completeness) in the join::table Code Repository which are free (during the pandemic) downloadable, polished/ready-to-go apps for front line pandemic first responders. Claris highlighted some of these in a few official blog posts, which you can read about HERE.

Please help us spread the word. If you would like to give back and volunteer as a pro bono developer, via join::table, CLICK HERE. If you work for a non-profit organization or public school (or know of one in need), please apply for pro bono app development assistance via join::table HERE.

Drop us a line anytime via email at We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Thank you again to Claris International and the Claris Community for this prestigious award.


Your friends at join::table