Announcing diversitable, a new join::table initiative to increase diversity in tech


Today, join::table announces a new, FREE initiative called diversitable, a mentorship and training program aimed at increasing diversity in the Claris FileMaker developer community and in the tech industry at large.

“We’re excited about diversitable’s mission to build a diverse, international, inclusive community of Claris FileMaker developers,” said Darrin Williams, join::table Vice President and head of diversity initiatives, “Our three-pronged approach will reach candidates—through partnerships with their local community advocacy groups—to encourage, train, empower and build the networks of underrepresented individuals in order to open doors to a successful career in technology.”

The diversitable mission:

  • encourage: diversitable promotes diversity in the Claris community by supporting individuals in underrepresented racial, ethnic, and gender groups who are looking to start, accelerate, or change careers.
  • educate: diversitable mentors, trains, and prepares tablers (program participants) from around the world for employment in the Claris ecosystem. You can participate in diversitable from anywhere you have internet access.
  • empower: diversitable is a platform where Claris community members can contribute towards the solution for racial and social injustice through empowerment.

“We are currently accepting applications for tablers (our term for program participants) who would like to be matched with an ambassador (our term for volunteer mentors) and start their journey to becoming a skilled Claris FileMaker developer. For those who would like to mentor a tabler, volunteers can sign up on our website” said Makah Encarnacao, join::table President and co-founder, “We are so excited about the impact we can make with this program! Hashtag diversitable!”

If you would like to become a tabler and be matched with an ambassador for tech training, mentorship, resources and resume assistance/interview prep services, please apply HERE.

If you would like to become a volunteer ambassador for a tabler (a candidate/apprentice Claris FileMaker developer) and increase diversity in our community, CLICK HERE.

As always, drop us a line anytime via email at We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.


Your friends at join::table