chairi::table was created in order to connect non-profits and public schools with FileMaker developers who wish to donate some of their expertise and consulting time to help a non-profit flourish.

why donate your time as a FileMaker developer?

Doing pro bono work can be a lot more beneficial than it seems. Here are the following reasons you may want to consider doing pro bono work as a FileMaker developer:

  • Give back to the community
  • Increase PR exposure
  • Train junior developers
  • Test out a possible new hire candidate before hiring
  • Meet new developers on multi-developer projects
  • Gain experience from seasoned developers on multi-developer projects
  • Mentorship activity
  • Add projects to your portfolio

will this take up a lot of my time as a developer? how big will my impact be?

It depends. Some non-profits may only need five hours of your time, yet it could save them hundreds of hours of tedious work a year. Some non-profits require a brand new application. The nice thing is that it’s up to YOU to decide what commitment level you can make. We hope to find a match that’s right for you.

i’m an interested developer or an interested nonprofit. now what?

Great! Please let us know by signing up at our contact form.