join::table has partnered with Claris International to coordinate the creation of free, emergency, custom software applications needed to solve problems brought upon those in the healthcare, education, government and/or non-profit industries relating to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Apps are created by pro bono consultant volunteers and extended trial licensing is provided by Claris International. Together, the Claris Covid Response Team (CCRT) provides a complete solution to solve mission-critical data management problems for first responders and front-line workers in their response to this shared, global crisis.

We call this partnership responsi::table!

Read Claris’ announcement regarding this partnership here.

In the following sixty-minute video from Claris Engage 2020, join::table founder Makah Encarnacao highlights many of the Covid-19-related apps that have been built as part of responsi:table’s partnership with the CCRT: