Volunteer Checklist

✅ Access to the roadmap

✅ Introductions

✅ Expectations

  • Timeline? 
  • Communication style?
    • Slack is available through join::table
  • Roles
  • Availability?
  • Duration?

✅ What’s your background?

✅ How do you plan on using Claris platform? 

✅ What’s goals do you have for this mentorship?

✅ Licensing

✅ Let’s build a roadmap

✅ Next Steps?

✅ When to contact join::table?

  • If you’d like another volunteer to help with a specific area
  • If you feel the relationship is not working
  • If a party is not being responsive
  • If you’d like to send update us on your experience 
  • Lessons learned along the way
  • When you’re done! 🎉