bringing diversity to tech

bringing diversity to tech

Diversitable is branch of join::table, with the goal of increasing diversity in tech.

Our Mission

  • Diversitable encourages diversity in the Claris community by supporting underrepresented racial, ethnic, and gender groups who are looking to start, accelerate, or change careers
  • Diversitable educates, trains, and prepares tablers (program participants) for employment in the Claris ecosystem
  • Diversitable is a platform where Claris community members can contribute towards the solution for racial and social injustice through empowerment

What are we offering?

  • Mentoring throughout your tech journey
  • Resources for training in the Claris platform and guidance as you grow your skill set
    • Access to online training programs
    • Opportunities to solve real problems as you practice new techniques
  • Resume creation and review assistance
  • Interview prep and coaching
  • Networking and assistance searching for and applying to internships or jobs
  • Women applicants are eligible to receive 1 year free membership to Women Innovating Together

Who is this program for?

Traditionally underrepresented groups in tech are people who identify as women, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander. 

We assist members of underrepresented groups in tech who are:

  • looking to start a career in tech
  • looking to change careers to tech (i.e. displaced workers due to COVID)
  • already in tech looking to advance their career

Why the Claris platform?

The Claris platform is easily accessible due to it’s low-code capabilities and drag and drop interface. It is a great platform for new coders, and provides a massive opportunity for growth due to advanced functionalities such as integrations, web development, mobile development, and more.

Developing in the Claris platform is creative and fun. The global community is very supportive and collaborative. Many developers work from home and find that being a Claris developer provides a flexible work-life balance.

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How can I participate?

If you are interested in volunteering to be an ambassador for any of the following services: mentoring, training, resume creation and review, interview prep, networking; please sign up here:

If you are interested in becoming a tabler, sign up here:

How will it work?

After an applicant has been accepted to the diversitable program, they become a tabler! A tabler will meet with a diversitable ambassador to establish personalized milestones and collaborate to create a plan to meet those milestones with the support of the diversitable resources. Each tabler will choose from a buffet of options to create a roadmap to achieve their goals. Your ambassador will guide you along your diversitable journey.