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  • FileMaker Community Philanthropy Space is a great place for a place to find or post pro bono work.
  • Taproot Plus is another place where nonprofits post pro bono jobs and developers can pick which job they want to complete. This site is open to all technologies, not just FileMaker.
  • Developers, learn why doing pro bono work can advance your career.
  • This article gives developers and designers 10 tips for working pro bono
  • The Role of Tech in your nonprofit can be a multifaceted question but with the right questions you can begin to discern how you should integrate it.
  • Pro bono tech engagements can be tricky if you are not prepared. This article gives tips on how to be ready to make the most out of these engagements.


  • 2EmpowerFM Developer Plugin is a FileMaker Plugin that allows you to easily search within your scripts and table occurrence graph.
  • BaseElements (Database Analysis) is a database for your database! This tool allows you to analyze your entire solution for Errors, unused code, and more.
  • Clip Manager is an application that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layouts in an easy-to-use library.
  • FMDiff compares your current solution against a previous one and reports the differences.
  • FM Perception is a RealTime Developer Intelligence utility to help you analyze your solution.
  • FMXRaySpecs is a tool for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced that provides fast access to the properties of all the objects on a layout quickly and cleanly.
  • Typinator is a text expander that is great for packing in reusable text. For starters, check out Matt Petrowsky's expansions [download].
  • FMSundae is a FileMaker app available for FileMaker Certification study prep, and also as a quick reference to FileMaker stats.
  • Behance showcases design of a user interface and experience, designed for mobile devices, desktop screens, and more.
  • Coolors Generator is great for finding some color inspiration for themes and design.
  • Dribbble - need some design inspiration? dribbble has some of the world's best on display.
  • Flaticon has the largest database of free icons.
  • Iconfinder Icons, icons, icons!
  • material.io icons are delightful, beautifully crafted symbols for common actions and items.
  • Noun Project has icons for everything. No more excuses for depriving your users of a Narwhal button.
  • Sketch is the tool for creating swift and elegant prototypes.
  • Asana is the best thing on this list! All bias aside, it is how we managed building this website and it's totally free (up to 15 users).
  • Basecamp a one stop shop for all the things teams do together.
  • Confluence an internal wiki for your projects, conversations, etc.
  • Google Hangout can be used for calls and screenshares. It's free, but all participants need to have a gmail email address.
  • GoToMeeting is a paid screensharing service.
  • Jira is a ticket tracking system for managing your workflow.
  • join.me is a magnificently simple screen sharing platform. Period. You'll have to pay if you want to be fancy though.
  • Skype is great for sharing your screen and your face.
  • Slack a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips.
  • Teamwork yet another project task manager.