Makah Encarnacao 

/MOCKah inKARˈnäsou/

Makah Encarnacao has been involved in pro bono work since late 2015, when she started the Humanitarian Committee at Soliant Consulting. For 15 years she was building FileMaker apps as a Tech Lead at Soliant, but these days she’s focusing on Environmental Health and Safety technology at Apple. When not immersed in technology, there’s a good chance you’ll find her playing hide and seek with her two strong-willed, rambunctious, hilarious little girls. Pro tip: Hide in the guest bathroom! No one thinks to look there!

Chris Kubica

/kris KuhBICK’uh/

Chris is President of Application Architects, has been a FileMaker Developer since 1997. Chris is also a father, poet and avid reader. He lives in North Carolina in constant, low-grade fear of the effects of global climate change. On his free time, he likes to sing “I’ve got a gratitude attitude, yeah yeah yeah”.

Jonathan Nicoletti

/ˈyänəTHən NēKōLETē/

Jonathan is the Founder of Acolyte Applications. After starting his career at a non-profit, he has refined his focus to empower organizations with technology that works for them. When he’s not making awesome stuff, he’s usually hanging in one of his many hammocks and sipping tea while staring at words on paper.


Jake Johnson

The Compliance Enforcer

/ˈdʒeɪk ˈdʒɑːnsn/

Jake is the lead designer at Angel City Data. He has a special connection to non-profits, as his mother has been working with non-profits Jake’s whole life. He is enthusiastic to be joining the join::table::team where he will be able to utilize all of his skills: design, development, integrations, networking, selling car insurance, and completing in push up challenges. When he’s not maximizing all of his skills, you’ll probably find him with a kid on his lap or a baby in his arms… or doing push ups *with* a kid on his back.

Lauren Heidecke

Master of Management

/ˈLORən Hide A Key/

Lauren hopped on the join::table team in 2022. She was a high school math teacher but has since turned project manager at Soliant Consulting. You can also find Lauren teaching group fitness classes, running after her 2 kiddos or trying to restrain herself from adopting more dogs. She wants ALL THE DOGS!

Darrin Williams

Head of Diversity and Talent Development

/ˈDAREən WILLəmz/

Darrin has worked in tech for the last 10 years and has observed many opportunities to increase diversity in tech. Through join::table’s diversitable program, he will be putting those ideas into actions so that underrepresented groups in tech will have a better chance of landing that job or climbing the ranks. When he’s not working to make the tech world a better place, he can be found in his garage turned into a glorious man-cave (seriously – you should see it), cheering for the Golden State Warriors. When he’s not cheering for the Golden State Warriors, he’s trying his best to not breathe in the smoke from the CA fires while in his his garage turned glorious man-cave. Very soon, he will be busy welcoming his first child into the world…… likely not in his garage turned glorious man-cave.

diversi::table team

Beth Murillo

Job Application Extraordinaire

/’bĕth muˈʀiljɔ/

Beth is a career switcher. After 15 years of being a problem solver in education management, she was introduced to FileMaker in 2018 and realized that FileMaker was the perfect tool to solve nearly all business efficiency and redundancy problems. Falling in love with the Claris development platform and with the help of Women Innovating Together (and her mentor), she is now a Software Developer and Project Manager with The Scarpetta Group.  She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband (see Keeper of Unicorns below), two daughters, and cocker spaniel.

Vanessa Costanzo

The Human Library

/’vəˈnɛsə kɔstænzoʊi/

Vanessa is an activist that loves facts and data. When information is what we need, we need not look far, because Vanessa will find it before you finish your sentence. Vanessa is one of the founding leads of Women Innovating Together, and when she’s not volunteering her time in the Claris space, you can find her working in the Claris space, as VP of Operations at NaviCu.

Thad Murillo

The Keeper of Unicorns and Rainbows

/T͟Had muˈʀiljɔ/

Thad is a father of 2 girls, avid cyclist, and somebody who loves walking to his own beat.  For over 10 years, Thad has been architecting Powershell and SCCM/MEMCM environments for multiple companies.  Thad now works as a DevOps Engineer building tools in python, Javascript, Powershell, and HTML, and is co-founder of the Chicago Powershell Saturday Conference.  Thad spends his time gaming with his girls, biking, and baking cheesecakes.  He owns 30 pairs of Puma shoes, because you have to be ready for any situation and color combination.


Molly Thorsen Connolly

/ˈmälē thawrsen känelē/

Molly is owner of Thorsen Consulting and is a staple of the FileMaker Community.  She excels at bringing the right people together, like the current team running Women Innovating Together, and now join::table.  She has ample experience doing pro bono work and is a vital sounding-board for the join::table founders. Thank you, Molly, for your invaluable contributions.


Bobbi Leonard

/ˈbäbē lenärd/

Bobbi Leonard is an Associate Counsel at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. She earned her law degree at The University of Minnesota where—among many things—she learned how to deal with mountains of snow. She has provided legal counsel to join::table since its infancy and continues to do so as it expands into an official non-profit. Thank you, Bobbi Leonard, for your expertise and passion.


Bill Bennett

/bil ben’net/

Alongside his business partner and wife Amanda, Bill runs Kiza Solutions, which is a social impact technology consulting firm with developers in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the U.S. Bill enjoys writing lists on whiteboards, wrestling his three sons (and winning…barely), and biking past heavy traffic. With Bill’s expansive experience in conscious capitalism, he brings a lot of inspiring ideas and suggestions to the join::table team. Thank you for being our visionary man, Bill!


Iliana Andreevska

Iliana is a multi-lingual, digital marketer who strives to create sustainable brand identities and blends creative passion, strategic insight, and great ideas to take brands to a more meaningful and effective destination. Iliana sees the wisdom in reaching under-served groups and communities and is known for evolving conversation into reality.



Kyler Rosen

/keye-ler roe-zehn/

Kyler is a Senior at Crystal Springs Upland School, looking forward to a future in CS! When he’s not at the keyboard (either typing or piano), he’s busy setting speed records on the skiing race course or reorganizing his to-do list (somehow that never makes it smaller).


special thanks

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Jan Jung from Soliant Consulting for her design assistance. You are a gem, Jan. We’d also like to give credit to the owner of the image used throughout our website, Luc Blain. Thank you Luc. More of his work can be found here.