✅ Is custom software right for you?

  • Have you already reviewed existing, off the shelf solutions which tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain? What are the pros and cons of possible solutions you reviewed? 
  • What off the shelf products are you currently using?
  • If you have arrived at the conclusion that you truly need custom software, can you identify the primary functions the software needs to provide and describe the benefits or implementing those features? This helps a develop ensure they focus on results.

✅ Do you have someone who can play some or all of the following roles:

  • Do you have someone (with availability) who makes the final decisions as to how the software will work and prioritizes what functionality is included or excluded from you wish list of features? 
  • Do you have internal resources able and willing to learn how to manage and support the system long-term?
  • Do you have internal resources able to handle initial deployment issues including quality assurance, testing and data entry?
  • Do you have resources who can create documentation for future end users?
  • Do you have the resources to pay for licensing and hosting fees? 
  • Do you have resources to invest in additional support, training features as needed after the initial grant is fulfilled?
  • Do you have a plan for what to do once the pro bono efforts have been maxed out?

✅ Do you have an existing app and if so who built it?

✅ What type of OS environment do you have?

✅ Do you have an NDA you’ll need us or the developer to sign or HIPPA/GDPR concerns?

✅ Do you forsee any way of obtaining funding in the future for sustaining and growing this application?

✅ Would you be willing to open source this app for other similar non-profits to use?

✅ Are you ok with us and the developer using your organization and story for promotional purposes?

✅ Developer expectations:

  • May be limited schedule due to being pro bono
  • May have an hours cap (and may have a discounted rate thereafter)
  • Emergency support will be best effort case

✅ When to contact join::table?

  • If you feel the relationship is not working
  • If your developer is not being responsive
  • If you would like to add more members to the team (PM, QA, Designer)
  • If you’d like to put the project on hold for whatever reason
  • If the project is not technically sound
  • If you’d like to send your praise of the work the developer has done
  • When the project is done! 🎉