introducing: join::table

bringing filemaker developers and non-profits together

We are excited to announce our new organization: join::table. join::table was created in order to connect non-profits and public schools with FileMaker developers who wish to donate some of their expertise and consulting time to help a non-profit flourish.

why donate your time as a FileMaker developer?

Doing pro bono work can be a lot more beneficial than it seems. Here are the following reasons you may want to consider doing pro bono work as a FileMaker developer:

  • Give back to the community
  • Increase PR exposure
  • Train junior developers
  • Test out a possible new hire candidate before hiring
  • Meet new developers on multi-developer projects
  • Gain experience from seasoned developers on multi-developer projects
  • Mentorship activity
  • Add projects to your portfolio

will this take up a lot of my time as a developer? how big will my impact be?

It depends. Some non-profits may only need five hours of your time, yet it could save them hundreds of hours of manual work a year. Some non-profits require a brand new application. The nice thing is that it’s up to YOU to decide what commitment level you can make. We hope to help you make a match that’s right for you.

i’m an interested developer or an interested nonprofit. now what?

Great! Please let us know by signing up at our contact form. At the outset, Join Table is a resource for non-profits /public schools and developers. But as we get more interest from FileMaker developers and worthy non-profit projects, we plan to grow into a match-making resource.